Company "CADDESIGNER" Ltd. - Mezdra offers its customers a wide range of CAD services (3D models, 2D drawings and rendering) in the design of machines, equipment, components, tools, utensils and metal structures in your desired standard – ISO, GOST, ANSI. Drawing of 3D and 2D programs (Autodesk AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks, Advance Steel, KeyShot) with the following professional services: CAD services
Implement your idea or model in 3D model and 2D documentation.
Conversion of paper and electronic drawings into electronic form and drawing into drawings.
Design and development of metal products / SheetMetal.
Render of the image to the 3D model.
Other ...
Creating the necessary design documentation.
Create 3D models and visualizations by drawing, sketch or detail.
Technical drawings.
Design and development of production lines / systems in Mechanical Engineering.
Save files in a format that satisfies the customer.